HyperCam Version 2.29.01 Free

Record your mouse courser's movements and any other movement on your screen into a video file

Recording the action and movements on your PC monitor can have several uses. One of the most common uses is when users have, or want, to prepare manuals, presentations or demonstrations. Knowing how to perform certain actions by yourself, or finally figuring out how to pass an exceptionally challenging part of game by yourself, is great, but sometimes not enough. You want to share your new found knowledge with friends or other users who share the same interests as you do.
HyperCam enables you to record every action and sound out of every part of your Windows desktop and to keep it as an AVI video file. This means you can perform what ever task or gaming feat you'd like your friends to see, record it as a video file in AVI format and then share it with them. HyperCam records mouse movements, menus selections, pop-ups and anything else happening on your screen. It even allows you to highlight the recorded area and by doing so to focus the attention of viewers on what you think as most important.
If showing what you're doing isn’t enough and you feel some vocal explanations are in order, HyperCam also enables you to annotate recordings. That's a great means of preparing how-to-do manuals. You're not limited to only showing what's going on, you can explain the logic of it in your own voice, or add any other relevant information not shown on the monitor.
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